November 01, 2013

Welcome to November - the third month of Autumn

Welcome to November 

The darkness of November is creeping in on us here in Denmark with it´s short amount of day light, grey sky and plenty of rain showers. So all in all November very easy can end up in being one looong month of dullness, before December comes alive with all it´s candlelight inside and various electric light decoration outside bringing joy and light into a very dark month.

So what will I be up to here in November, which so very easily can become a month of 30 days full of darkness ?
  • Well my blog will be celebrating it´s 3 years birthday November 13 with a small giveaway, so you should look by on this day on how to participate.
  • Otherwise I will be busy myself creating 24 blog post for my own version of a Christmas Calendar, which means I will making candy and baking Christmas cakes and cookies here during November, so all the blog post more or less are ready to be published beginning from December 1. This means, that November will be a "silent" month with less published blog posts for you to read and enjoy.

In October I had focus on working with the "black gold" in form of blackberry & elderberry, which only resulted in one new recipe on blackberry jam. It turned out, that the major blogging activities in my kitchen were making three PINK fund-raising activities, where I baked away and the participating "eaters" donated money. Together we collected an amazing 1300 DKK, which was donated to "A race against breast cancer", so a huge thank you to all you out there in real-life donating money during my PINK fund-raising activities :-)

So in order to bring you a little comfort to a cold and dark November I will be sharing these two recipes on some warming meals with you:

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