November 24, 2013

Christmas Fair at Gisselfeld

Again I have been visiting a Christmas market, this time at Gisselfeld together with my mother. As you can see for the photos we were very luckily with some sunny weather.

There was plenty of people every where, so it was sometimes quiet difficult to get around. And the amount of people was to overwhelming for my mother. Anyway she wanted a very specific flower from the stand in Paradehuset, so we had to take another tour in one long line of people taking us 20-25 minutes getting in and out again of Paradehuset with the "magic flower".

Along the paths around in the park area were standing metallic torch giving an extra touch of fairytale to the surroundings

The entrance fee is 60 DKK (approx 8 €) for adults, which only covers the entrance to the actual market. If you would like to see the inside of Gisselfeld, this will cost you another 110 DKK (approx 14.50 €) according to the homepage. The market is also be open next week-end.

I saw a hand full of more interesting boots at this market selling things with that extra touch appealing to me compared to the market at Gram Slot. You will still find the majority of stands selling mainstream things, which you can find everywhere at market and fairs.

Would I return again ? Good question. I will say yes, but it would be during Summer time, so I could see the entire of Paradehuset.

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