November 16, 2013

Christmas market at Gram Slot

This afternoon my local good girl friend and I went on a tour together to the very first Christmas market of 2013, which was the Gram Slot Julemarked 2013. The last of this market is tomorrow Sunday 17 November. Entrance fee is 75 DKK (approx 10 €) for adults.

It was a very big Christmas market with many smaller boots selling all different things such as food and beverages, home-made accessories and Christmas decorations. However, my friend and I both agreed, that the food part was the best, while the other boots were to mainstream without that extra touch, which are attractive for our personal preference. Sometimes you are left with the impression, that these boot people are using the same design template and material, as they are not standing out from each other. So we will probably find another Christmas market to visit next year.

We could also get inside Gram Slot (castle), where I noticed the following interesting decoration ideas for the upcoming Christmas. Some of them seems to be simple enough  for even me to try them out at home !!

It is possible to enjoy Sønderjysk kaffebord (which is a big cake table with 7 soft, 7 dry and 7 hard cakes) the first Sunday of every month at a very reasonable price. I would like to return to test this big cake table :-)

Sleeping cats in the stable

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