April 04, 2014

Dinner in Moscow

Starter combination
A few weeks ago I was on business trip to Moscow.
This time I was soo luckily, that I had the time for fast stroll from the hotel to the Red Square, as I was staying 4 km away from the Red Square, so I took on my fast shoes and walked in 45 minutes enjoying the sunshine in the middle of March.

On top of the good and beautiful walk I also went to dinner with some good colleagues in a nice restaurant, where I have forgot the name, but I am able to find the location again on my own.

As starters we shared some dished between us, so we could as many things as possible. So we got a big plate with freshly pickled cucumbers, more matured pickled cucumbers, cabbage in vinegar and fermented tomatoes. The freshly pickled cucumbers was a perfect combination of freshness and brittleness :-)

The other starter was small pirogs with fillings of either with meat, mushrooms, cabbage and potatoes. An OK starter, but the freshly pickled cucumbers was just soo much better in my opinion.

Pirogs with neat, potatoes, mushrooms and cabbage

As main course I decided to have "Strogannov", which has been one of my favourite dishes since childhood. And mu mother is very good in cooking this dish, so I have never made it myself !

The "Strogannov" made with veal, white mushrooms, mashed potatoes and cucumber in barrel. The taste was great, the mashed potatoes was home-made and the combination with chopped red onions was a nice flavour combination, which I will try myself in my kitchen.
Cranberry cake with white chocolate
As dessert we had cranberry cake with white chocolate. Again an OK cake, but nothing extraordinary.

I have no clue, what the price was for this meal, as I was not paying for it. I will give this meal 4 stars and I am ready to go back again, if I am in Moscow on a later occasion.

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