April 26, 2014

Moroccan style mint tea

For the monthly blog challenge Cooking with herbs runned by Lavender and Lovage mint was selected as theme for April.

I love mint as a herb, and I actually have two mints in my garden herbs, but even here in the end of April, they do not show a lot of growth.

So it ended with, that I went to the supermarket to but a pot of green mint, so I could participate with my contribution of making Moroccan style mint tea.

I enjoyed it, when you can end a Moroccan style meal with a sweet cup of mint tea. And I will making it, the way I have experienced eating Moroccan food in Paris.

This mint tea can be enjoy both hot or served ice cold on a warm Summer day.

Moroccan style mint tea: - 1 cup

  • 1 glass full of mint leave
  • plenty of sugar
  • boiling water
  1. Fill the glass with mint leave and plenty of sugar.
  2. Pour boiling water over the mint leaves.
  3. Let the mint leaves infuse the water for 3-5 minutes, before you can the first sip.
  4. Leave the mint leaves inside.

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