April 01, 2014

Welcome to April - the Easter month of 2014

Welcome to April - the Easter month of 2014

Easter is falling late this year, in mid April, so naturally the kitchen theme for April is be Easter (I assume to no big surprise for you).

I will be making an Easter calendar for you to follow between 17-22 April bringing you various suggestions, which will involve the use of egg, chocolate and marzipan.

You will also in the near future be able to participate in a give away relating to some of the stuff from this gift bag from Odense Marcipan. Curious ? As hint - you can not eat this gift, but you can eatable things using it !!! Hope you got the clue :-)

Besides from Easter I will on the look out for seasonal things, which you can in nature and use for cooking. On top of that, I will also be planting potatoes in plastic cups for my own home-grown potatoes.

Hannibal the Cat involved in project violet
Actually Hannibal the Cat and I have been hunting for violet this evening, so a new portion of violet syrup a la Lavender and Lovage can be produced. However, I will also produced something else with violet inside for drink purpose, any clue ?

In case you can wait for the Easter Calendar, I will share the two most popular blog posts relating to Easter as a little teaser.

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