April 10, 2014

Dinner at Marriott Tverskaya, Moscow

Blinis with red caviar
After a brisk walk from the hotel to the Red Square, Moscow and back again (8 km in 1½ hour) during a recent business trip to Russia, I decided to eat at the hotel instead of walking around to find a place to eat.

I started off with a cocktail called Flamingo, which was champagne, Cointreau and cranberry juice. It is not an over sweet cocktail probably due to the use of cranberry juice. Perhaps I should create my version in my kitchen ?

The menu card at the restaurant of the Marriott Tverskaya had marked the Russian food with small Russian flags, so they could easily be located among the various options. I went for the Russian food a bit like do as the Romans, when in Rome !!!

Therefore I choose blinis with red caviar as starter, as I am huge fan of blinis with red caviar. The important thing is, that you always remember to make a small tasting of the sour cream, when eating in Russia, before you spread it on this blinis. And also in this case, the sour cream was rancid in the taste, which is a awful off-flavour. I enjoyed the blinis and red caviar without destroying my taste buds with the sour cream.

As main course I had selected pasta in white and black colour in cream sauce, cray fish and yet some more red caviar. However, this dish was a disappointment for me, as the amount of red caviar was only a few eggs and the rest of the dish was heavy in consistency coming from the cream sauce.

I do not recall the price for this menu. I will give this meal 3 stars and remember to stay away from the Russian paste dish another time. The blinis and red caviar as excellent.

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