June 12, 2015

Fish dinner at Pihlkjær

Fish starter
In the central part of Aarhus where is located a smaller fish restaurant called Pihlkjær in a back yard. The menu is changing every single day. The waiter presents the menu written on a glass plate to the table, when everyone is seated. The menu consists of one fish starter, perhaps a meat starter, a fish main course and a meat main course and the dessert.

I do not recall, what I was actually eating besides from rhubarb playing a key role in the dessert. However, I recall the attention to the details of the single dish in form of eatable flower for decoration, squid ink being dried into a grid looking like chocolate typical seen on cake, this time as decoration on the main course.

Fish main course
It is a fantastic place with a great atmosphere, open connection between eating area and kitchen. Another things, which you notice is quietness in the kitchen.

Without wine you can get a 3-course menu for 39 €/person. I will give this restaurant 6 stars due to it´s combination of daily changing menu card, the attention to decoration details of the individual course, fantastic food and good service.

Dessert without fish

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