June 01, 2015

Welcome to June - perhaps welcome to Summer ?

Welcome to June - perhaps welcome to Summer ?

Here in June we are still looking for some sunshine and some warmer temperatures. This year´s May seems never to have been more windy or cold as for 2015.

The positive outcome of the low temperatures is, that everything in the garden and nature blooms for a much longer time than usual. Usual the pheony is blooming around my birthday in late May. However, this has not been the case in 2015. I am still looking forward to blooming phenys, here I would like the wind to stop blowing, so the flowers will last longer.

The elderflowers have not been blooming yet, so I expected that instead will filling my kitchen here in June with elderflowers everywhere. And I think rhubarb will be joining in as well. So let me share some of my classic recipes with these ingredients as key ingredients

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