May 31, 2015

Aspargus festival 2015 at Fru Møllers Restaurant

First starter

For the third time we went to the Asparagus Feast at Fru Møllers Restaurant, which is a fantastic event with focus on using the fresh Danish asparagus being in high season here and now in most of the actual meal.

We started (as usual) with a glass of bobble (sparkling) wine and some snacks, which was melted cheese snack and roasted rye bread with smoked fresh cheese dressing.

The first starter was an asparagus tartlet filled with sasparagus ffricassee, North Sea shrimps, lobster cream and chervil. Fantastic taste. In my opinion the tartlet part should have been more crispy.


Second starter
The second starter was grilled whites asparagus and hay smoked ham from a local slaughterhouse, asparagus mayonnaise, tomatoes from the little village of Beder and basil essence. The ham was great. However, someone took one of my white asparagus !!!!

Main course
Roast veal and crispy croquet mallet of fried green asparagus in size XL, wild garlic, potatoes from Samsø and mushroom sauce. Uuuuhmmm :-)

Rhubarb baked with ginger and cardamom with baked custard, fennel herb and sorbet made from wine rhubarb. Fantastic finish to a great meal in excellent company.

For this meal I paid 548 DKK incl 1/5 of bottle of white wine and tea. I will give this experience 5 stars. I will for sure be back again at the next asparagus festival taking place in 2016.


  1. As always great local food at Fru Møller

    1. You are right, Fru Møller is a great place with fantastic food :-)


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  3. Dejlig menu og billeder. Jeg tror, jeg kan gætte, hvem som tog den forsvundne part:-)

    1. Ja, det er vores fælles veninde i Horsens, der "stjæler" mad fra andre tallerkener :-)


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