May 28, 2015

Changing the colours of the library

Library today - closing in on the desired colour code

After I have converted the guest room into a library, I have decided to change the colour scheme from purple/red into mainly the green tones. So I have been on the look out for new cushions and bed blanket. 

Sofa cushion can actually be quiet expensive, so therefore I have been knitting two new sofa cushion. One cushion is finished, while a second cushion is under construction. A third cushion (green HAY cushion) I have brought second-hand to ½ price, and when I have found two cushion covers, while travelling (the Marimekko cover to the left side and leaf-motive cover to the right side).

Library . before making the colour change
The green plaid have I brought, when I went on vacation to Stockholm right after Easter, a 100% wool plaid to 600 SEK, which I found to a very good deal, as the Swedish currency is 80% of the Danish kroners.

Next item on my TO-DO-LIST is to have sewn new cushion cover in some green fabric, in which I store the spare duvets and sleeping cushion, when not in use. Today these two covers are still in purple fabric. Here I need to locate a person with a talent for sewing, as this is not one of my key competencies.

In-between picture - moving from purple to green colour code

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