May 09, 2015

Ramson day in the kitchen

A good rowing friend of mine has a found a spot in the forest, where she picks ramson for herself. She has been so kind to "take on orders" for my kitchen as well on her ramson picking tours. So I am now the lucky "owner" of two big bags of ramson over (100 g ramson in each bag).

Today it is a very rainful day here in Vejle, so instead of being depressed about not being able to be outside in my spring green garden, I enjoy some quality time inside in the kitchen turning all this ramson into various tasteful goodies :-)

 I have already made ramson salt ramsson salt, and now I am busy making ramson oil as well as ramson pesto with walnuts & ramson pesto with pine nuts.

Wish you a nice week-end in your own kitchen :-)

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