October 27, 2015

Filling the suitcase up with tea in Paris

When I am in Paris on business trip I somehow always managed to return with my suitcase full of Kusmi tea, yogurt and cheese. During lunch breaks or after a full meeting day I "run out" of the meeting room with a shopping bag and a long shopping list.

At my last trip I managed to fill my suitcase with various Kusmi tea incl this special Kusmi shopping bag with Jean Paul Gaultier logo, which I got as a gift in the shop due to my large shopping volume !!!

I always go to the Kusmi shop on 75 avenue Niel, Paris, as this specific shop sell the Kusmi tea in both the tins as well as refill without the tin. I do not see any reason to keep filling up my kitchen with more metallic tins, than I already have.

This time I filled my suitcase up with:

So now I am ready for the dark Winter time, where I will spend more time inside drinking tea, actually plenty of tea.

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