February 26, 2016

February menu at Årstiderna, Malmö

During  a recent business trip to Malmö a work colleagea and I decided to leave the hotel in order to find another place to eat our evening meal. I had a few hours beforehand been scouting the city center, while I was looking into the local shopping life for possible places to enjoy an evening meal.

I more or less found the restaurant in the basement next door to the hotel ! And after a walk around the city center with my colleague we decided to have our meal at Årstiderna.

We were served the usually bread with sweet butter and a thick cream of some kind. The bread was warm and the cripsbread were very cripsy. The size of the bread was in small individual mini buns, which was a nice detail.

As a pre-starter to the actual month menu we were served a small soup on vegetable with a filling of smoked pork. Again the size of the soup portion was another nice little detail, not filling up our stomach to much.

As starter we were served carpaccio of salmon and monkfish with crab, cress and ryebread crips. It was interesting to see the use of cress as the green decoration element. In Denmark we mostly use cress for decoration of open sandwiches on rye bread.

The reason why I selected the February menu from the menu card was because the main course was game. I really enjoy eating game, so whenever I can have game I will select from the menu card. This time the main course was thick flank of deer with sprout, smoked pork and potato-mushroom cake. The flavour combination of sprouts and smoked bacon worked excellent.

The part of the February menu was a great tasting dessert in form of sea buckthorn ice cream with pickled orange, blood and crispy almonds. So another excellent tasting taste combination of acidity, sweetness and burnt cripsiness.

For this meal I paid 707 SEK incl 2 glasses of white wine. I will give this experience 4 stars.

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