June 19, 2016

Shopping in Alsace June 2016

It has been some time since I last have been writing on my blog. However, June has so fare been a busy month for me with rowing, cutting my garden hedge and going to Alsace on my first Summer vacation with year.

My mother and I found a nice little hotel (Au Riesling) in the tiny little wine village of Zellenberg. It was a great place to stay, serving some good food and located very central in the region of Alsace. It is for sure not the last time, that we will be making vacation at this hotel.

Included in the stay at the hotel was a wine tasting at a wine yard located next door (Edmond Rentz), which was very convinient, as you could walk back to hotel after the wine tasting and when pick up the brought wine next day by car !

Besides from tasting some fantastic wine we also visited Musee eaux de vie in Lapoutroie. At this place we were also served with a gentle hand hand of the many various eau de vie.

A raspberry eau de vie, a rose liqueur, a violet liqueur and some syrup de mint found it´s way to Denmark together with me. The two flower liqueur can be used for flavour twisting sparkling wine.

Besides some wine and eau de vie tasting I also located an interesting tea shop in Colmar (Le Theier), where I brought some more souvenirs in form of teas for my tea pot.

Grand Catherine in form of black Ceylon tea with bergamot, blue flowers, lemon and orange. Rose de Perse in form of black tea and rose petals.
Oriente-Express in form of dates, figs, pink passion flower, verbena, orange, guarana and almonds.
Lapacho from South America with various unknown stuff inside.

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