August 07, 2016

August equals the last month of Summer

August equals the last month of Summer ? full of jams

Well, in Denmark we have two seasons, the white Winter and the green Winter. And the green Winter is the coldest, as we have no heating on, as the calendar states, that it is the Summer period !

In July the theme of my kitchen was rhubarb, where I tried out 6 different recipes with rhubarb as key ingredients (crumble cake with rhubarbrhubarb liqeuerrhubarb cakerhubarb liqeuer with vanillarhubarb shotoat cookies with rhubarb).

Here in August, which should be the last  month of Summer, if the Summer will come more than a few hours from time to time, the focus for me in my little kitchen is to make various jams as a way of saving the Summer time for later, where you can open a glass full of Summer taste.

As inspiration I will share this recipe of apricot jam with lavender, which was reviewed as one of the five best home-made jam in 2014 !!! So perhaps I should make my very own jam shop next to my kitchen door selling my jam surplus ?

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