February 01, 2019

February - what's up ?

February - what´s up ?

After a month where some people have been doing their best to ride off the extra Christmas calories during a "white" January in it is time again to have some more fun in form of calories from either butter or alcohol or both, not necessarily in combination.

February for me is also really the season for enjoying all different kind of citrus fruits, as they both are in season as well as they can help to keep to the Winter dullness as way.

So here in February I will be making various types of citrus jams in my little kitchen. If you can not wait to see, what kind of citrus jams, which I will be creating, when you can have a look at these jams made from citrus:

February is also the month of Valentines day (14 February), where instead of spending your money on buying flower for your Valentine, you could try out these recipes:

Valentine romance scones

I hope you will look by my kitchen from time to time here in February to see, what I am trying out :-)

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