December 18, 2020

Christmas Calendar 2020 Day 18 - Cherry "mulled drink"


It is time to enjoy a "mulled drink" made from cherry cordial and a mulled spice bag from a local delicatessen. I decided not to use red wine or add alcohol into the "mulled drink", as my Christmas guests also were enjoying a glass or two of champagne.

Cherry "mulled drink": - 4-5 servings
  • 1 liter cherry cordial
  • 1 spice bag for mulled wine
  1. Pour the cherry cordial in a medium cooking pot.
  2. Add in the spice bag.
  3. Let the liquid simmer gently, and let the sugar from the spice bag dissolve into the cherry cordial.
  4. When the spice bag is empty for the sugar. And the cherry liquid is hot, but not boiling, it can be poured into glasses and served.
  5. Cheers :-)

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