September 01, 2011

Grill menu at Hopballe Mølle

Is this not a idyllic view ? This is Hopballe Mølle located close to Vejle.

Hopballe Mølle produces chickens, which is getting a special developed fodder combined with slower growth compared to the "normal" industrial chicken production. Besides from producing chicken, Hopballe Mølle is selling their own chickens in their shop as well as turning the chicken into food, which you can eat in their restaurant.

During the Summer period you can enjoy a grill menu each Friday and Saturday evening on the patio located next to mill dam. Some friends and I decided to test this grill menu on one of the only Summer evenings, which we had during the Summer of 2011 !!!!

The grill menu is served in a separate location divided from the a la cart guests, which I find is a very good idea.

The starter was a some kind of fish, I have forgotten this type, served in a very creamy sauce. It was a very nice beginning to this grill evening.

After the starter we could choose from a huge collection of various olives, onions, pesto etc as well as four different types of salads. All the salads were very tasteful.

As "main course" we were served three different types of meat. Some very tender beef, rosemary marinated chicken breast and chicken on a stick. You could a much meat as you wanted, so no restrictions on the amount of meat.
As dessert we had chocolate porfitiroles and strawberry marinated in Grand Marnier. The chocolate part was OK, but the strawberries was just so perfect. I believe, that I had 3 servings of the strawberry :-)
The service was better this evening compared to the first time, where I was eating lunch at Hopballe Mølle.The waiter agreed to change my wine menu from one glass of white wine and one glass of red wine into two glasses of white wine instead of. The waiter was checking, if we liked the food and was also sharing their way of making the strawberry dessert.
So all in all, it was a nice evening with good food and in great company of friends.



  1. Det var da en hyggelig aften, men der er ikke meget om vores flotte skib eller de norske skovtrolde vi modte forinden.

  2. Hej Karin !

    Selv tak for en rigtig hyggelig aften i godt selskab.
    Det "flotte" skib gik jo desværre med med mus og mand på mølledammen, så dette sørgelig indslag fik ikke spalteplads på min blog.
    Jeg synes, at det er vigtigt at respektere folks privatliv, så de "norske skovtrolde" skal have lov at færdes i fred uden at skulle optræde her på bloggen.


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