September 29, 2011

Walking a longer distance buying cake in Paris

During a business trip to Paris this week I went cake shopping again at Ladurée in order to get some more steps. I am participating in step competition, where I virtual will be walking from Copenhagen to Berlin in the time period 15th September - 1st December. This means, that I every single day have to walk 10.000 steps !!!!! At my arrival at my usual hotel in Paris I as needing around 5.000 extra steps to get to the daily target of 10.000 steps, so what a "good excuse" for going cake shopping at Ladurée. 

As a "starter" I selected two mini macaroons, one with rose and one with green apple. The macaroon with apple reminded my about washing my hair as a child in green apple hair shampoo ! Do you recall the flavour of this green apple shampoo ? It was a very domintating flavour. However, the apple macaroon was tasting quiet good.

The "real" cake was a raspberry top and bottom meringue with rose cream filling and fresh raspberries. This was perfect cake for both the eye and the mouth :-)) A wonderful combination of raspberries and bursting flower sensation from the cream filling. Uuuuhhhmmmm !!

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