September 25, 2011

Status on crab apple aquavit

It is a very interesting process to see the colour difference taking place in the different fruit alcohols, which I have been creating this Summer/Autumn.

This time, I would like to show you the colour difference in crab apple aquavit, which now is 1 week into this process.

This time the cinnamon stick is not so un-folded as it was in the apple aquavit, the crab apples also remains located in the bottom of the glass. However, the crab apples just the small apples have turned transparent. The colour has turned from clear colour into the colour of older white wine.

Below you can see the difference in colours between the two different types of aquavit. It is the apple aquavit to the left side, while you have the crab apple aquavit to the right side.

As mentioned previously I really looking forward to taste the difference between these two aquavits, so I am in the planning process of getting hold of some friends for such an occasion in November.

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