September 02, 2011

Kitchen equipment 9 - old coffee cups

I found these three old coffee cups in a secondhand shop two days to a price of 15 DKK (= 2 €) per coffee cup. And my mother decided, that she would pay for these cups and give them to me as a gift :-)

I have recently been seeing a lot of photos in magazines as well as out here in blog-land, where old coffee cups are being used for serving of various types of dessert/ice cream. I did not have such coffee cups before now, so now I can be trendy again !!! I am really looking forward to serve dessert in my coffee cups, and I will of cause share pictures of this use with you, when it happens.


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  2. Dear Venugopal,

    thank you very much for your kind comment about my blog :-)

    Best regards,


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