November 29, 2010

The annual Christmas Candy Creation afternoon for friends

For the last 4 years I have been inviting friends to come together Sunday in week 47. Here we spend the afternoon together making different types of Christmas Candy, while we talk, taste and look at each other creations to get new inspiration.

This event is combined with a Tupperware demonstration, so we can use all the many different of plastic things for our individual candy work. However, this year was unusual, as the two Tupperware ladies were snowed in at their homes. So this year the focus was on team work, using the available plastic equipment. I noticed three different ways of melting chocolate, which all seemed to worked perfect.

Our hard work making Christmas Candy always end with eating potato soup, uhm. As bread for this soup I had yet another go on Frederiksgård Frokost testing two different bread forms. NO luck again in getting the bread out of the form without destroying the sharp !!!!! However, two of my friends suggested me to use plain baking paper in the bread form, before filling the dough into the form. A simple solution I never ever had thought about. Thank you girls, I will try again using your tip :-))

The potato soup recipe will be posted later, so you try it your selves.

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