November 21, 2011

Food shopping in Germany November 2011

I have returned from a week-end tour to the West coast area of Schleswig Holstein in Germany, where we visited Friedrichstadt, Husum and the Nolde museum in Seebüll.

Besides from sight seeing there were plenty of opportunities to do some food related shopping.

In Friedrichstadt I found these two different teas in one of three tea shops in this small town. The first tea is Friedrichstädter Friensblattmischung, where I have no idea, what it inside the teabag besides from black tea !

The second tea is "Adventstee", which is Christmas tea based on black tea with mandarin, cinnamon, orange peel and rose petals. The smell of the tea is fresh without over sweet, which many Christmas tea is "suffering from".

I also "found" some Christmas candy in form of marzipan "potatoes", which for me is a typical German type of Christmas candy.
These "potatoes" are made from marzipan, which is sharped like balls rolled in cocoa powder. So in theory it is a pretty simple Christmas candy to make yourselves.

Also my "collection" of different kitchen equipment has been expanded with a new tool, which I apparently can not "live without". I have brought this apple core removed, which is a luxury model, as it contains a pin to push the apple
core out the remover part.

My storage of various cake decorations has also been filled up at a very reasonable prices compared to the price level here in Denmark. Also my flavour collections has been expended, again at the low German price level.

Finally I brought my favourite German Christmas cookie in form of Lebküchen. I also found a bag of Lebkücken spices, which I am looking to test making my own Lebküchen.

You still have a very good chance of winning some Christmas blog give-away from my little kitchen.


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