November 26, 2011

Skål - Selection of THE BEST fruit alcohol 2011

Yesterday evening was the selection evening of THE BEST FRUIT ALCOHOL OF 2011.

To help me with this important task I had "called in" a group of sensory trained tasters. Also a collection of various glasses for enjoying the fruit alcohols and pipettes for accurate measuring of the fruit alcohols were gathered around on the dining table. We started off having 5 ml of the first alcohol, but soon adjusted the volume down to between 3-4 ml of each fruit alcohol in order to get safely through this important job !!

While drinking, talking and comparing tasting notes, we were eating some salty biscuits with tzarziki followed by Flammkuchen as main course. I will share the recipe on these food later on with you. We decided not to have dessert, as the Flammkuchen really did fill us up.

We started off tasting three aquavits being Apple Aquavit, Crab Apple Aquavit and Christmas Aquavit. It was amazing to smell as well as taste the difference between the two apple aquavits coming from to the type of apple used. The apple Aquavit had a wonderful smell of apple, but actual tasted of cinnamon, whereas the Crab Apple Aquavit smelled of alcohol, but with a lovely taste of apple. The Christmas Aquavit was disliked by all the tasters due to the alcohol dominance.

Both the Raspberry Vodka and the Raspberry Aquavit had an amazing smell and taste of real raspberries, no artificial/candy-like raspberry flavour
here. The raspberry Aquavit was preferred due to the sweeter taste, so now I know how to adjust next year's production of Raspberry Vodka.

Next on the "agenda" was the tasting of Blackberry Cognac and Blackberry Aquavit. The Blackberry Cognac has a good balance between sweetness, fruit flavour and cognac taste. But my personal preference would be to change next year's production from cognac base to either rum or vodka as the alcohol. The Blackberry Aquavit was a ugly tasting product, no need for you to buy this product yourself.

However, the Polish Plum Alcohol took the "winning" price as THE MOST UGLY SMELLING AND TASTING product. And therefore it ended today in the kitchen sink. Good-bye !!!

Afterwards we moved on to Blackcurrant Liquorice Alcohol and Blackcurrant Rum. Again two different tasting fruit alcohols, the
Blackcurrant Rum had a wonderful colour and tasted like real Ribena for grown-ups, so not allowed for children.

At the end of the alcohol tasting we taste two Walnut Liqueur from 2007 and 2010. The 2010 version was like fluid Christmas !!!!

Blackcurrant Rum was selected by all tasters as the BEST FRUIT ALCOHOL OF 2011 followed by a strong number two in form of Raspberry Aquavit.
So next year I will have to make more than just one portion of Blackcurrant Rum.

Hannibal the Cat decided to join us in our
"important task" being a part of the decoration on the dinning table regardless of two burning candles located here.

And as usual Hannibal the Cat selected to be "close to" the person in the group, so is suffering from animal allergy. It is "funny" to noticed to a cat always has the ability to locate the one or two persons in a company, who needs special attention due to their allergy or general dislike of cats.

A big THANK YOU to my good friends, how were up to the task of smelling and tasting. You are invited again for a new session, when needed again.

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  1. Hej Karin !

    Verden er uretfærdig ! Jeres skovmærkesnapsen havde en ret unik smag. Den duftede fint, men smagen af koncentreret mazarinkage-flavour er desværre for overvældende for hovedparten af det fantatiske smagspanel.

    Mange hilsner Kirsten


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