November 25, 2011

SKÅL - Sensory evaluation of fruit alcohols - production year 2011

This evening a group of good friends will gather around by my dining table for a sensory evaluation of the various fruit alcohols, which I either have making here in 2011 as project "Putting Summer on bottles" or I have been buying.

The "menu card" contains an interesting and a varied selection of fruit alcohols based on various alcohols and different level of added sugar:

Polish Plum Alcohol
Blackcurrant Liquorice Alcohol
Walnut Liqueur

In order NOT to get my friends TOO drunk I will measure a 10 ml of each fruit alcohol into individual glasses for each participants. The volume is a starting point, where refill of cause is possible.

The "more firm" part of the evening in form of food will be:

I will share the out-come of our "expert" sensory evaluation with you in the coming future.



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