November 15, 2011

Status on blackberry vodka

Have a look at how beautiful, the colour of this blackberry vodka has developed from clear to wonderful red during the last week :-)

I am looking forward to taste it, however, it will not be ready for the upcoming tasting evening with focus on various fruit alcohols in one week´s time.

The portion of blackberry used in this blackberry vodka turned to be the "last" portion of freshly picked berries from the blackberry season 2011.
Thank you to those of you, who voted in the last voting, what I should used a new "last" portion of blackberries in. Your decision was, they should have been used on my breakfast cereals. But I am unable to follow your decision as the blackberry season is over :-(

You still have time to participate in the my very FIRST birthday give-away. Hopeful you will do so :-)


  1. Agree it has a beautiful colour :)


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  2. Hi Herman,

    thank you very much for your comment :-)



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