April 10, 2012

Violet syrup a la Lavender and Lovage

Wonderful violets before I removed all their petals

Violet syrup in home-made bain-marie
Looking at these violet, are they not beautiful ?

For me, violets are yet another sign of approaching spring time. Some fare violets for me have only been flowers popping up in the lawn, which I have enjoyed. However, I stumbled over this recipe on violet syrup created by Karen from the blog Lavender and Lovage.

So I "bravely" enough decided to try out this recipe grabbing a bowl and going out for picking only the petals of the violets. It took me 45 minutes to pick 20 g of violet petals, so I decided only to make ½ a portion of this violet syrup. I also got to admire the people to has to make a living for them selves picking crocus flowers for saffron as well as good understanding why the price of saffron is as it is.

The violet petals are having a great purple colour and this is transferred into a wonderful purple colour in the actual syrup. However, I am a bit concerned regarding the taste of this syrup, as pouring the boiling water over the violet petals gave off a strange vegetable flavour.

I will keep you posted on how this violet syrup actually is tasting.

Anyway I can still see blooming violets in my garden as well in the surrounding area, so you still have time to make your very own violet syrup, as least if you are living in Denmark.

Now I just to figure out, how to use this syrup ?????

Violet syrup a la Lavender and Lovage:

  • 20 g violet petals - you should nothing else from the flower
  • 75 g boiling water
  • 150 g sugar
  1. Pick the violet - only using the violet petals. Place the petals in a bowl.
  2. Pour the boiling water over the violet petals. Place the bowl cold for 24 hours, so the petals can infuse the water.
  3. Pour the flower water as well as the sugar into a small bowl, which can be placed in cooking pot with (softly) boiling water like a bain-marie.
  4. Cook until all the sugar has been dissolved.
  5. Pass the violet syrup through a sieve to remove the petals.
  6. Pour the syrup into a bottle, which is stored cold in the refrigerator. You should be able to store this syrup for up to 12 months.


  1. FABULOUS! LOVELY post and I am SO pleased you managed to make this! The violet syrup should taste like the fragrance....let me know how it tastes!

    1. Dear Karen,

      I will keep you updated on, how I find this syrup. One simple idea of mine is to the syrup with sparkling wine as welcome drink for an upcoming birthday.


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