April 11, 2012

Tea Time Treat March 2012 - scones

Both my scones, spicy scones with dried fruits and scones with blue cheese and walnuts, made it on to the Tea Time Treat tea table of March month, where an amazing 56 different scones appeared on the table !!!! You can find my scones here: www.lavenderandlovage.com - second-sitting-at-the-big-fat-scones-tea-party-tea-time-treats-scones-march-2012

The tea table for April (whatkatebaked.blogspot.com - tea-time-treats-blogging-challenge) will have focus on Easter, which is more of challenge for me !!!!! Yes, we do celebrate Easter here in Denmark. We actually have set aside 5 days for Easter incl. the week-end. And yes, we do eat plenty of food for Easter, probably the same amount as for Christmas. However, the Danish food focus for Easter is on cold lunches eating marinated herrings and different type of egg dishes served together with aquavit. And the sweet part of Easter comes in form of Easter Eggs, either in form of "only" chocolate or as a combination of marzipan and chocolate. So an Easter thing to be served together with tea will be quiet a challenge for me to come up with.

Please leave a comment, if you have an idea for me for this Tea Time Treat challenge for April :-)

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