April 21, 2012

Visit by "Stilpigerne"

Yesterday evening I had a nice group of friends coming by for drink, snack, coffee/tea, bread and cakes combined with a great talk of what is on-going in our life's right here and now. We refer to each other as "Stilpigerne", which could be translated into "The Stylish Girls", as we meet up back 13-14 years ago, when we individual signed up for a course on make-up and cloth style. And as a group we clicked, and since when we have been meeting regular every 2-3 month.

We started by having some ordinary cripes served together with a nut snack a la Isabella and drink of vodka and pomegranate juice.

Afterwards I served some home-made buns in form of Ringridderboller from the bread book "Hjemmebagt", squash cake and the left-overs of these Easter butter cookies with saffron and chocolate.

In the near future you will be able to find most of recipes here on this blog.

It was a great start on the week-end :-) The only draw-back was getting early up this morning, so I could go rowing on the Fjord of Vejle. However, I managed to be in the rowing club on time with all of my belonging incl. a lunch and some squash cake for the rest of the boat team.

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