April 17, 2012

Easter tea for my tea cup

This Easter tea from Mariage Fréres is on of my favourite black tea. It has a fantastic delicate flavour, close to being luxury bergamot tea without being the "usual" Earl Grey tea. I more or less always managed to get hold of this Easter from Paris without having to "down-load" it through the internet. Somehow I am either in Paris my self or one of my colleagues are in Paris around Easter time, so someone can pick up the tea directly from the actual shop.

This year of a good colleague of mine being the tea collector and she had no idea about the price for this specific tea, so she was a little concerned giving me the tea and telling me the actual price. However, I was able to reassure her, that I was very well aware of the price level (22 € for 90 g tea). Her own children were told to treat this tea like gold, which I find to be a very good description for how I actual treat it myself. The Easter tea from 2011 actually lasted until 2-3 weeks before Easter this year.

To the right side you see, this years small Easter Egg from Summerbird, where the metallic egg will have different pattern from year to year. So here I am starting to have a nice little collection of 4 different Easter eggs so fare.

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