April 22, 2012

First status on bulbs planted in Autumn 2011

Hannibal the Cat inspecting crocus in the lawn
After a morning and start of afternoon with focus on garden work both together with the rest of  my housing cooperative as well as in my individual garden, I thought I would share a very first status on, how it is going with the many bulbs, which I planted last autumn.

Keep your hands away from "my" crocus !
I planted another 200 crocus bulbs in my little lawn, so somehow I had expected to see many crocus this Spring. So I guess, I again this autumn need to put some more crocus bulbs in my lawn, perhaps planting them closer together ?

I planted 50 Muscari in various colours in a pot next to my front door.  So fare I have seen no flowers at all !, so here I am quiet disappointed

An Easter bed is another way of celebrating Easter in the garden, if it is goes according to my plan. Luckily enough this part of the plan is running according to schedule. As you can see I have two Easter beds in wonderful blooming right now :-)

Planting tulips is a bit like playing memory card ! Is this "place" free during spring time or is it already occupied by someone else ? As I recall it, this spot should be "free", so hopefully these tulips

  • 10 Botanical Tulips Saxatilis
  • 10 Botanical Humulis Alba Coeulea Oculata

  • Now I just to wait and see, if these tulips will survive for a longer time in my garden compared to many other tulips, which only is lasting 1-2 years.

    On this spot, where I planted 25 Virirdiflora Tulips. And they are on their way to be play their part of the "entertainment" in the garden. 

    Also the 60 Double Tulips Angelique are on their up in the peony bed.

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