August 10, 2013

Cake and tea at Cafe Fiedler in Kiel

My mother and I have been away on another vacation trip to Germany, where we this time went to Kiel staying at a hotel located in the very city centre for 2 days. And as usual we went looking for a cafe or patisserie, where we enjoy some great cakes together with a cup of coffee and tea.

As usual it took us some time to locate the right place, so the first afternoon we only found a cafe without a big selection of cakes. And right after we had eaten our cake there, we continue our walk around in the city centre and of cause found a much better patisserie to have cake and coffee 3-4 minutes walk away. How many times is this not the situation, when you are looking for something specific like a restaurant, cafe or dress. You can not find the right place, however you need to eat/buy something and after you have eaten/brought, many more options turns up with a much better selection !!! Do you know this feeling ?

So the day after we went straight to this patisserie called Cafe Fiedler for our afternoon break. We had a Lübecker cream cake (cake with cream filling with walnuts and marzipan cover layer) served together with coffee/tea and a drink called "Hugo", which was sparkling wine with elder flower cordial, ice cubes, slice of lime and mint leaves. I will later share my version of such a "Hugo" drink.

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