August 23, 2013

No clue what to do with the last of this season´s rhubarbs ?

If you are in the lucky situation that you still are having rhubarb growing like maniachs in your garden or perhaps in a garden belongs to friend ? You really need to use this opportunity to use these rhubarb for various great tasting food stuff, as the rhubarb are getting to the end of their season. Or perhaps you have a freezer full of rhubarb to use during the coming Autumn and Winter ?

If this is the case I would like to share a selection of recipes having rhubarb as the main/important ingredients.

You can make various types of rhubarb cordial sush as a la Camilla Pluma la Årstidernea la Dansukkera la Perch Hill or just this .

What ever rhubarb cordial you make, you can drink it as "normal" cordial mixing with tap water or sparkling water or you can make these great tasting drinks:

And if you like to turned your rhubarb stems into some more solid food, you can try to make:

Or you can "save" the rhubarb in form of:

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