August 27, 2013

Kitchen equipment 21 - tea cup for my garden

During a one-day trip to Sweden with my mother during Easter 2013, we visited an outlet area in Höganäs, Sweden, and here I found various new things for my little kitchen, which I as usual "could not live without" such as this herb watering pot and this silicone hand protector !!!!

I also brought this big tea cup with green flowers as decoration and a green tre strainer again from Sagaform (costing 99 SEK). So now I be able to sit in my little garden drinking a cup of tea full of flower and enjoying my garden being full of flowers.


  1. I love your visual expression tea cup in your garden.It was quiet good watching such tea cup arrangement in your garden with green flowers.I also like your herb water pots and silicon hand protector which is deserving the best quality product in tea sets.Thanks ...

    1. Hi Lan Yone ! Thank you very much for your nice comment on my garden tea cup :-) Kiki

    2. HI, Kirsten!!

      You are Most well come

      Thank you for replying me


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