August 29, 2013

Product test - Risotto with Karl Johan mushrooms from Il Formaio

Sometimes I do not have a lot of time to both cook a meal from scratch in the evening, and here it can be difficult to find a fast and good solution for such occasion.

Recently I found this solution in my local supermarket in form of risotto with Karl Johan mushrooms from Il Fornaio, which contains two servings.

The plastic bags contains all the dry matter for the risotto. As other ingredients you need as well to have olive oil, white wine and Parmesan cheese in your kitchen, ingredients which my kitchen always have inside. The parsley is an optional extra ingredients. The total cooking time is 15 minutes, which is the case for making your own home-made risotto, so the time saving element is the fact, that you do not need to make any ingredients preparation, as you simply add the entire bag into the cooking pot and no shopping is neither as well.

The taste was excellent and reminded me about a home-made risotto prepared to the bottom. I can certainly see myself buying some bags of this risotto.

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