August 13, 2013

Dinner with rowers at Gourmet Gaarden, Stege

Starter with fish from Klintholm Havn
As tradition demands (hereby assuming that twice makes it a tradition) one evening during the annual Summer rowing tour is spend eating some great food. Last year, being the first year doing that, we went to Rudolf Matis in Kerteminde celebrating our rowing tour around Fyns Hoved.

This year we went to Gourmet Gaarden in Stege celebrating, that we managed to row around the island of Møn from Vordingborg seeing the wonderful view of Møns Klint (The White Cliffs of Møn), which is such a spectaculars view of blue sea, white cliffs and green beech forest as topping on the cliffs. Møns Klint is the second most windy place in the country of Denmark, what the most windy place I have no clue about.

In case you have never seen Møns Klint I have added a photo here of the cliffs in morning light, it´s not an amazing sight ?? White Cliffs of Dover is nothing compared to this in my opinion

The menu card is quiet small at Gourmet Gaarden, basic two starters, two main course and two desserts, but this is actually quiet nice in my opinion, as I many times get lost, when I have make a decision from a menu card full (too full) of options !!!

Appetiser with smoked halibut and cheese
As a small appetiser we were served smoked cod with smoked fresh cheese, radishes, onion and roasted rye bread.

We all went for the season menu, which was a starter with fresh fish from the local harbour (Klintholm Havn) served together with dill oil, dill mayonnaise, dill "snow", white asparagus pickled in French white wine vinegar, fresh peas and hand-made potato chips. Great flavour combination and nice look, the asparagus was just great in taste.

Main course: veal in two version
As main course we were served Danish veal fillet, a sausages made of the same veal meat, potatoes and "green stuff" of the season together with a great sauce made on veal. Of the two veal part the sausages was actually the best tasting part .

As the finishing touch (as yes you can eat a lot, when you have spend between 5-8 hours rowing) I had dessert. One part of the dessert was raspberry mousse served a single fresh raspberry and white chocolate. The second part of the dessert was ice cream made from ymer (fermented concentrate dairy, almost like Greek yogurt, but fermented with a mesophilic starter culture as in buttermilk, ymer is known only in Denmark), white chocolate cream, fresh raspberries and liquorice meringue. This was a fantastic finish for a evening full of great food.
Dessert: raspberry mousse, ymer ice, white chocolate cream and liquorice meringue
A tree course menu costed 365 DKK, which really is value for money in this case, so if you are in the neighbourhood of Stege you should do yourself the favour of eating at Gourmet Gaarden.

If you are suffering from any kind of allergy you need to tell this in advance, when you book the table, so the chef can prepare him self for this challenge.

My only little negative remark to this evening at Gourmet Gaarden is not at all related to the food, but to the chairs :-( We were setting on some chairs without armrests, which at the same time was too high for people with short legs. So if the chair had been better, I would have given this experience 6 stars, but due to the chair I end up with 5 stars !!!


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