March 08, 2014

Knitted plaid - halfway in progress after 8 weeks of knitting

One month ago I shared my latest progress after 4 weeks of knitting with you, so now it is time for a new update on how the plaid is coming along. So after 8 weeks knitting in the evening in front of TV watching the scary news from Ukraine, I am actually halfway through the entire plaid, as I have knitted nine rows of the 17 rows.

Looking out into my garden I can see, that Spring has kicked it´s way inside my little park with blooming crocus in the lawn, snows drops and aconite and Easter bells. Meanwhile various tulips and daffodils are preparing themselves to take over as blooming heralds of spring. So I will spend some time outside during this week-end starting on a spring cleaning of the garden cutting back the annual perennial and removing weeds from establishing them for real on my property.

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