March 09, 2014

Liquorice tea for my tea pot 21

Spending some sunny hours in my little park both yesterday and today spring cleaning my garden, cutting down old annuals, catching wild blowing beech leave from the neighbors' hedges, readjusting the trunk of my family apple tree to a more upright position, it was time to enjoy my first outdoor cup of tea this year.

I had brought two different liquorice tea for this week-end. One being Liquorice & Fennel from NUTE and the second being black liquorice tea from Fredsted. The liquorice tea from Fredsted is having tooo little liquorice in my opinion, where as the Liquorice & Fennel from NUTE is having the perfect sweet round liquorice taste with it´s combination of black tea with 30% liquorice root, 10% fennel, 10% anise with red fruit.
There is significant price difference between these two teas: the Fredsted tea costs 27 DKK for 50 g, whereas the NUTE version is costing 95 DKK for 100 g.

While I was busy the lion of the garden (Hannibal) spend some of his time rolling around among the crocus, licking his fur and enjoying some sunshine on his tummy. Tough life being a domestic garden lion !

PS: I have added two new pircture to the page called Vejle by picture.

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