March 18, 2014

Tapas menu from Hotel Hedegaarden, Vejle

As a keen rower you are having "plenty of free time" during the Winter season, where we only are rowing twice per week in the indoor rowing machines. So some of this free time we spend on meeting up around a dining table for the annual fish dinner, which we this year decided to change into a tapas menu from hotel Hedegaarden to make some variation !!!

We started off with some starter tapas served as single serving in all types of small cups from something looking like a golf ball to a birch tree trunk.

In the black bowl is smoked salmon served with chervil creme, lump fish roe and dill.
In the white "golf ball" is marinated tiger prawns with herbs.
In the silver Christmas decoration ball is black foot ham with braised artichokes
In the turquoise bowl is sea food from the island of Læsø in aioli.
In the birch tree trunk is baked tomato pie with chorizo and red pepper fruit.
All in all five very tasteful starters.

After a small break we got a green curry soup with coconut. The soup was served in mugs and should be consumed as a beverage from this mug. Interesting way of serving soup. The soup was heated prior to serving, but an easy taste for the hostess of the evening. The soup was having a good balance between spice level and creaminess from the coconut.

The main course was heated as well as served in small black pots, so again a very easy preparation for the hostess.
In the black cooking pot braised breast of U.S. beef in Vejle beer and Lammefjords puree. And in the jam glass a salad of various vegetable thinly sliced and marinated with citrus.

As the final touch was a dessert tapas in form of a Danish cheese called høost (hay cheese) with chili jam in the white bowl. In the glass bowl was chocolate cake topped with nougat creme, mint leaves and freeze-dried raspberries. And in the little jam container was a refreshing panna cotta of black currant and some chocolate topping. A sweet ending to good tapas menu.

The daughter of the house knows, that we as many rower has a sweet tooth, so she had baked a dark rich chocolate cake :-)

The price for the tapas menu is approx 31 €/person, which is good value for money. The food is coming in individual servings pot. The things, which needed to be heated, is very easy to prepared. Everything taste great, and the amount of food is leaving you feeling full without being more than full and tried.  I will give this meal 5 stars due to taste, variation, quality and easy of preparation.

Another good thing about this tapas is, that minimum order size is for 4 persons instead of the usual 10-15 persons, which is minimum order size for take out food.

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