March 11, 2014

Dinner at ART @ Aros


Where am I ? - one of the amazing rooms of art @ Aros
In connection with evening event at work we went to Aros - the Art Museum in Aarhus, where we first had a guided tour around the museum, starting at the top in the rainbow in order to see the sunset followed by a walk down under to the bottom with various stops to see the highlight of the museum.

 At the very bottom we saw the dark rooms referred to as Dante´s Hell", before we went up to "heaven" at ART restaurant situated on floor level 8 with an amazing view over the city of Aarhus.

In advance we had informed the restaurant about, which dishes each participants would like to eat/enjoy. Some had selected starter & dessert, two main course or the more traditional choice of starter + main course or main course + dessert. This was handled very good by the restaurant, which adjusted the serving size like up-scaling the starter portion to a main course size or down-scaling the first main course size to starter size. I find this approach to be very service oriented !!!

My selection was the traditional choice of starter and main course.

As starter I got Norwegian lobster with smoked fresh cheese, some unknown green stuff and malt stick. The smoked fresh cheese has a great appearance like scallop, so imaging my confusion by putting a scallop into my mouth, which when taste like fresh goat cheese !!!!

Main course
As main course I was served Lamb from Thy with burnt hay in form of black powder, celery puree and thin slices of baking potatoes having a pickled acidic taste, dark pickled berries and on the top reindeer moss. It is the very time for me to eat reindeer moss, which had a good flavour and very crispy texture. The lamb had an excellent taste and juicy texture.

The price for two dishes was approx 35 € for the food alone. I will give this meal 6 stars due to the service level, attention to detail and great view over the city of Aarhus from the 8 floor (almost the top level in the museum).

So I will be back again another time enjoy some great food at a very good value for money.

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