March 01, 2014

Welcome to March - the first month of Spring

 Welcome to March - the first month of Spring

Official the Winter period is now over here in Denmark !!!! So let´s see, if the weather are able to control itself not sending ice, freezing temperature and any snow to us here in March ? Springtime is all around me in my little garden with blooming heralds of spring in form of snowdrops, aconite, Easter bells and crocus. Even the very first stems of rhubarb are putting their head above the soil surface.

Mid February I celebrated Valentine´s Day with very different recipes covering yogurt, cocktail, cream caramels, panna cotta and small marzipan cake with raspberry and lime being the most popular Valentine post 2014 among you readers.

As Easter first will happen in April, Shrove Sunday, which is the peak day of eating Shrovetide buns is also delayed this year, so it will first be tomorrow Sunday. Meanwhile I will share this most popular recipe ever on Shrovetide buns with you, so you can prepare yourself for tomorrow.

Right here and now I actually have no idea, what I will be focusing on during this first month of Spring, so look in from time to time and see what is going on in my kitchen. I knew for certain, that I will be having fellow rowers coming around late March for my traditional "gold ore lunch". And in this connection I could try to tackle the task on my to do list 2014 baking rye bread from real sour dough !!!! I dread this task !!!

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