May 01, 2014

Welcome to May - the blooming month of Spring

Welcome to May - the blooming month of Spring

Spring is blooming full speed ahead here in 2014. The fields of rape seeds are lighting up the surrounding landscape at least 3 weeks, before they normally used to vibrant yellow. Our national tree (beech) have been unfolding the leaves ahead of schedule. And from to day to day I can see, that the peonies in my little park are growing several inches each and every day.

Late in April I have been planting potatoes again in pots as last year, and before I plant herbs like parsley and basil the weather needs to maintain it´s positive signs without any nights with temperatures below the freezing point. So perhaps mid or end of May I will be expending again with more herbs in my little kitchen garden. The tomatoes will first be planted end of May, as they as well have to live outside on the terasse.

For me the month of May is a combination of family birthdays incl my own and all the wonderful opportunities of working with freshly picked rhubarb in the kitchen. Therefore I will be sharing the two most popular recipes from my blog with rhubard inside.

The big question mark is, when will we start to see the blooming elder flowers ? Start, mid or end of May, as everything else are so much in advance.

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