May 06, 2014

Dinner at Remouladen

One month after the start of the rowing season the female group of tour rowers decided it was time to celebrate the rowing season by first rowing a "small" tour of 15 km followed by having dinner at "Remouladen", which has moved from the city centre of Vejle to the marina of Vejle.

We had booked a table by the window, so we could get an excellent view over the area of the marina. The first thing, which the short-legged persons noticed about the dining chairs was, that the chair was so high, that they could not reach the floor with their feet !!!

At many more high-end restaurants, there will normally be served some bread with either butter and/or oil, well this was not the case here ! The person ordering both a starter as well as main course was served bread, and she when requested more bread for the rest of the table !!! We were when served a small basket of bread for sharing = one piece of bread per person.

We were ordering a mix of beer, soft drink and wine for every one for our meal incl plain tap water. However, it is impossible to be served tap water at Remouladen !!! So we had to order water on bottle, 1 l for 45DKK. I can understand, if the people eating at the restaurant was only drinking tap water, that you had to pay for tap water (something like 10 DKK per person is the normal going rate else where). If you have to drive by car after eating, you can not drink more than 1 glass of wine, so you need something to quench the thirst such as tap water !!!

I choose to eat a main course of cod from the North Sea fried in butter, served together with with sauce Choron (hollandaise sauce flavoured with tomato and red wine), crunchy vegetables and small salt potatoes. The fish was great and the sauce was excellent in both texture and taste. However, I would have expected the potatoes to warm, they were cold during serving.

We finished of the meal by drinking tea and coffee. For once, this is a restaurant understanding the demand of keen tea drinkers. The tea was not made from tea bags, but from loose tea leafs and the tea water had the correct temperature. Something which other restaurant and cafes could learn from !!!

I paid 355,50 DKK for main course, glass of white wine, tea and spring water. I will give this meal 3 stars, as the price level is not fitting with the service level expected.

I have before been eating lunch before at Remouladen and I have also been serving their open sandwich as take-away at home. However, I feel disappointed this time, as price and service is not fitting together. So during out last training session we all agreed in the boat, that next time we will find another place to eat, when we have to "celebrate" the stop of the outdoor rowing and start of indoor rowing.

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