May 22, 2014

Food shopping in Sweden

My mother and I have an Easter tradition, that we every Maundy Thursday drives a tour to Sweden for some outlet shopping in Höganäs followed by eating lunch at Rut på Skäret. At one of the outlet shops in Höganäs you can buy apple juice from Kullamust.

I knew from my previous shopping back in 2013, that I really like the taste of this apple juice, as it taste like drinking a real apple. I find it tricky to buy apple juice, as you many times get a product tasting like artificial apple something. Actually I find more difficult to buy a good apple juice compared to buying orange juice !!!

Well, I decided to buy a wooden box loaded with 12 x 750 ml bottles in three different flavour options. The classic apple juice, a proven combination from the baking kitchen in apple with cinnamon  and a more traditional option of apple and pear juice.

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