May 31, 2014

"Take away" from Vedelsborg

When you invite guests for dinner you have to take a crusial decision ! Will you make the food on your own, will you ask the guests to bring the food with them (concept applied for illumination evenings in the garden) or will you buy some "take-away" food ???

For my birthday dinner for family and friends taking place last Saturday, I decided to apply the third option, leaving my the choice of finding a restaurant making menus as "take away". And here I stumbled over a local restaurant called Vedelsborg, where you get their season menus as "take away" food.

It possible to mix between choice of starters and main course, so in theory the entire party did not have to eat the same menu. Well knowing my guests very well, this was not a option, I would use, as the guest would argue (in friendly matter), who could which of the three different starter options and the three different main course options. So everyone was served the same food !!!

I picked up the food one hour, before the guest arrived. And here I received very good oral guidance as to how the food should be prepared. Everything was very easy in the context, as all the food for heating should either be heated up in the oven at 200'C or boiled for a few minutes. And if I became uncertain, I should just call the restaurant.

As starter we had fresh peeled shrimp with steamed white asparagus and chervil mayo and crusty bread. An excellent tasting spring starter.

The main course was roasted breast of guinea fowl and fried souffle, served with peas and carrots tossed with onion and bacon and small potatoes with herbs and lemon cream sauce. Uuuhhmmm yet another spring themed dish with great taste.

The final touche was vanilla panna cotta with raspberry jelly and strawberry and white chocolate. Great combination of taste and texture.

A three course "take away" menu costs 250 DKK, which is great value for money. I will give this meal 5 BIG stars.

For the coffee and tea I served home-made cream cake with strawberries and hazelnut cake plates.

I was treated to some great birthday presents by my family and friends such as tea, various almonds, rose colour earrings and an interesting afternoon tea cooking/baking book called "The Vintage Tea Party". So I have something to drink, eat, read and wear :-)

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