June 01, 2014

Welcome to a blooming Summer month of June

Welcome to June - the first blooming Summer month

June is the first month during the Summer season, and all the surroundings keeps blooming ahead for full speed. Now the elder trees are starting to lighten up all the green with their wonderful white elderflowers.

In May tomatoes and chili have been moving into my little kitchen garden making company for the potatoes, also basil has arrived here late in May, now the kitchen garden awaits the company of parsley.

As I await, that I can start to harvest my own produce of my little kitchen garden, I can go hunting for elder flower and rosehip roses, which are blooming along the hedgerows and beach edges.

Wishing you a good hunt for elderflower :-) And you better be getting yourself down to the supermarket to but citric acid, before it is being sold out !

I know for sure, that I will be making elder flower cordial a la Palle

Another recipe, which I be recreating again this year is elder flower tea

The most popular recipe tagged with elder flower is this one salt with elder flowers a la Camilla Plum

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