June 29, 2014

Burger at Fur Strand Hotel

One the second evening of our stay at Fur we decided to eat again at Fur Strand Hotel, as the other alternatives on the small island of Fur did not more interesting. We had also spend 7-8 hours riding on bikes around on the island, so my good girl friend from Copenhagen and I need something easy.

This evening we went for the burger choice, which was a burger made of 180 g minced beef meat garnished with cheese, bacon, tomato, cucumber, salad leafs, red onions and ketchup served in a great tasting bun spread with some type of mayonnaise. As company to the burger was served small baked potatoes and spiced mayonnaise dressing.

It was a very tasty burger, where the beef was fried, so it was not to red on the inside without loosing it´s juiciness.

The burger costed 140 DKK, and I will give this burger meal four stars for it´s great taste.

We were eating this evening meal in a smaller living room of the inn, so next to the dining table was placed a sofa set, so afterwards we simply moved from the dining table to sofas, where we were coffee and tea. Here we went spend the rest of evening writing postcards and readings books. Excellent idea having such sofa groups located in the dining area.

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