July 01, 2014

Welcome to the berry full Summer month of July

Welcome to July - the second Summer month

July is second month during the Summer season, where the daily speed is slowing down due to Summer vacation both at school as well as at work. The time it takes to drive to work in the morning is significant reduced, meaning I can sleep longer in the morning :-)

I have started to harvest potatoes and tomatoes from my little kitchen garden. I also have to water all my pots with flowers, potatoes and tomatoes every evening, as it is not raining a lot in my part of Denmark.

You can here in beginning of July still manage to find blooming elder flowers. Otherwise it is time to harvest raspberries, strawberries, red currant and black currant. I have raspberries in my own little garden, and here in the first week of July I am "renting" a strawberry bed from a rowing friend on vacation :-)

As inspiration I will share the following recipes with you.

Blackcurrant rum just after mixing the ingredients

Blackcurrant rum - Ribena saft (cordial) for grown ups !!!

Or you could start your very own rumtopf using fresh fruit as they get ready

And of cause you should try to make your very own ultimate strawberry cake

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