July 04, 2014

Lunch at Fur Bryghus

At my recent small Summer vacation break to the wonderful island of Fur together with my great girl friend from Copenhagen we spend a fantastic day in sunshine biking around the entire island of Fur.

Therefore I can now state, that I both been rowing and as well as biking around the island of Fur.

On our biking tour around the island we passed by Fur Bryghus, where we could eat lunch as well as drinking beer or home-made elder flower cordial. I was drinking elderflower cordial, as I am not a beer drinker, as I do not like the bitterness of beer, dark chocolate and red wine !!!

Most of the people having lunch at the same time as we did, we recognised from the hotel, where we been breakfast a few hours before hand :-) So Fur is a small island.

For lunch I enjoyed fried fish meat balls served together with rye bread, cucumber marinated in beer and a fresh salad, where pickled cranberries were playing an important role. It tasted great, and so did the elder flower cordial as well with it´s simplicity.

As I enjoyed the simplicity of this classic elderflower cordial I started to think about making another portion of elderflower cordial with a more classic taste of elderflower and lemon, besides from the usual elder flower cordial a la Palle, which I traditional makes every Summer. You can still find some blooming elder flowers here in Denmark, so this idea of mine is not unrealistic.

This lunch costed 189 DKK incl soft drinks, and I will give this lunch five stars for it´s great taste and all the attention to the details on the colour side.

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